11 janeiro 2019

Learn how to wear Blazer and Coats!

Blazers and women's pullover sweaters are beautiful and create an incredible look! Now, all you need to learn is when to use each of them and what models you can not miss in your wardrobe.

Just let the temperature down a little so we can take the winter coats out of the closet. I do not like to feel the cold, but I like wearing beautiful coats! In addition to classics, they leave any woman more feminine and elegant.

The women's pullover sweaters are even the perfect piece for anyone who wants to leave the modern look and at the same time comfortable. You can wear along with dresses, skirts, social pants or jeans, there are several models of coats that will take to the streets on these colder days. See the photos below with different models to get you well warmed.

                  1. https://goo.gl/dVhAEJ            2. https://goo.gl/5jFX69                  3. https://goo.gl/cUYH6A

Want to bet on coats? Attention the tips:

- Do you have wide hips? Invest in heavy jackets. They harmonize the silhouette and disguise measures.
- Jackets with shoulder pads, if combined with high waist skirt, will leave you taller and leaner. You can use it at will!
- Brown, black and white are neutral colors and look good on all types of coats. So if you hit a doubt when choosing the color, neutral tones are a good request.
- Women tall or above 1.70 look beautiful in knee-length coats.
- When choosing what to wear under your coats, remember the reverse rule: the heavier the jacket, the thinner the shirt or shirt should be.
- Coats with the length below the hip tune!

Another affordable piece that is always fashionable is the Blazer. Perfect for those who work in the office and need to stay warm, and also in a more formal production. The current models of blazers also have a shoulder pad, which gives a more modern touch to the piece. See now the beautiful models of cheap blazers for women that I have separated for you to acquire:

             1 . https://goo.gl/6s3vKL                  2 . https://goo.gl/B8udtt                  3. https://goo.gl/gWXbsb

As said, the blazer does not have to be that super-traditional piece we use just for work. There are many modern models and various ways to combine the blazer so that the piece looks at you with elegance, but at the same time, bringing a modern look and cool! One example is to wear the blazer with sneakers. This combination gets the woman's face in a creative and sporting style.

Another way to innovate in the look with the blazer, is to combine the feminine blazer with unusual pieces, such as sequins or shiny fabrics. You can also wear your own blazer with these different elements! This combination leaves any woman powerful and falls super well into a ballad look.

To get beautiful cheap blazers for women and the women's pullover sweaters I showed you to buy at the Luvyle store. In this store you will find incredible parts and the best prices on the market.

I hope you have enjoyed the tips. Kisses

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