24 maio 2018

Check Pregnancy: Brands of nail polish that are non toxic!

Hello my loves, today the post is especially for my beautiful pregnant readers who, like me, love to paint their nails with colored glazes. Getting pregnant does not mean, at any moment, that you should forget to take care of yourself. Being a mother is also being a woman, and for many women this implies a taste for fashion and manicure. With the body constantly changing, gestation is an important time to ensure that you like your image and to seek comfort next to your own reflection. 

During pregnancy, we want to continue our beauty care. And for anyone who has a habit of doing nails frequently, it is common to wonder whether or not you can use nail polish during gestation. Experts point out that removers and ketones cause far more allergic reactions than glazes. But there are cases of people who are restricted to chemical elements that are part of the composition of some brands.

Therefore, several brands offer options of enamels without chemical ingredients, using natural ingredients in their composition. At CheckPregnancy.com, you have a great post that shows enamel marks that are non-toxic. It is worth checking the list of nail polishes that you can use quietly.

Be happy, because many brands already produce non-toxic enamels of the most varied colors, it will be easy to find your favorite colors, which will leave you free of allergies.

The allergic process of the enamel does not happen on the nails, but on the skin around them, and can spread through the eyes and face and even cause irritation in the respiratory system. Chemical-free enamels are produced without Toluene and Formaldehyde. These components are responsible for faster drying, and longer enamel durability and absorption. These are some of the "enemies" that you must identify when purchasing the enamel you are going to use. Read the label carefully or check with your doctor. In doubt, we recommend looking for natural or vegan glazes, which are almost completely created using organic elements.

If you are pregnant, it is very important to increase your nail interval and look for airy and well-ventilated places, thus preventing the expectant mother from inhaling vapors of smelling products for a long time. In the gestation period it is common for nails to get a little weak, so in addition to reducing the frequency of nail polish, choose quality nail polish, avoid getting all the cuticle and try changing the acetone for the removers containing glycerine and moisturizing oils. Also invest in still in hand creams and cuticles.

Natural enamel removers generally have a composition of vegetable oils, soy or almond oils. They have softer scents and less aggressive action on the skin. As it does not contain acetone or contain only minimal percentage levels, these allow the removal of enamel without any risk to the pregnant woman.

When you are in the final stretch of pregnancy, choose the clear enamels. Dark and strong colors hinder the measurement of the blood oxygen that is made by the finger in the hospital or maternity. With these tips you will look beautiful and have healthy nails throughout the gestation.

Now, tell me, have you used enamels during your gestation? What care did you have?

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