10 março 2017


For those who like rustic environments, natural fiber curtains are the curtains most used at the moment, because they are beautiful and sophisticated. And the bamboo curtain is the best known and used among them because it is easy to put on the wall and very practical. And the best store to buy curtains is romanshadesale, by the site www.romanshadesale.com. And you get a discount by using the Coupon: $ 5 Code: romanshadesale

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Bamboo is a plant found almost worldwide, it is used for the manufacture of many objects such as baskets, furniture, musical instruments and even the construction of houses.

Formerly the bamboo curtain was only used by simple people in homes of interior, but, today with new formats, the bamboo curtains became elegant.

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These curtains are used to put in windows and also to split environments.
The advantage of bamboo fiber is that it does not crush and spoil like other materials, so the durability of products made with bamboo is much higher.

Today the manufacture of bamboo blinds is already industrialized and the use in large scale. Restaurants specializing in home-made food adore bamboo-curtain decor to reminisce around the farm environment, making guests truly feel at home. It is also used in modern rooms, to be able to bring diversity to the environment, mixing the rustic with the modern.

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The most interesting aspect of bamboo blinds is that they prevent lighting from entering the environment, this insulation is much better than cloth blinds and blinds.

The bamboo blinds have a decorative appearance, the bamboos being painted and cut into smaller pieces to be attached to ropes, chains and wooden balls.

Details to be shown are the bamboo blinds with the drawings made in the curtain, these drawings can be of landscapes, animals, birds and etc. They are made by hand or using acrylic paint by machines.

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I hope you have enjoyed the decorating options to make your home prettier with a bamboo curtain! What did you think of the photos and models I showed? Leave your comment below!

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