23 novembro 2016

Decorating Tips with Chandeliers Lighting for Room

A decoration can be incredible, and you do not need to spend much hired the best professional, just decorate with chandeliers using elegant pieces. With that in mind, we've prepared a post with tips for you to decorate your home and know how to use lighting in your favor! We will highlight the decoration with pendants and chandeliers for living room.

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Lighting is a powerful resource for valuing space, furniture, objects, and scenarios that will make up your environment. Without lighting, most of the time, we detract from the effort dedicated to decoration.
Lighting is a functional action, whether it is a diffused or focused illumination, so that we will find a wide variety of parts on the market. The luminaires that are super desired by people when they go to decorate their houses: the chandeliers and pendants.

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Chandeliers look good in high-ceiling environments such as living rooms, dining rooms, or even bedrooms. And they are ideas for decorating ambinentes with double foot, as hall of stairs and receptions. Pendants are most commonly used on the dining table, creating a focal point, and also in reading corners, replacing the lamp or standing lamp.

It is important to pay attention to the proportion of the chandelier or pendant to the space, not to take too much of the environment nor to be too shy. Never let it block people's vision, leaving it too low. A basic rule is to fix the luminaire at least 20 cm from the ceiling, and at least 80 cm away from the dining table top.

When choosing a pendant to put on a glass table, look for one that has a diffuser or shield on the lamp to prevent it from reflecting on the tabletop, disturbing people.

Check out the types of Chandeliers and Pendants most used in decoration:

Classic Chandeliers
Traditional classical chandeliers are those with the typology of a pendant chandelier, however they are illuminated with electric lamps, candle-type lamps. They are used in the lobby, living and dining rooms. But they can also appear in other environments according to the proposal.

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The pendants can be everything, including chandeliers, of different materials, with applications of infinite possibilities. And the general suggestion for their use is to "play" with the verticality of space.

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Contemporary Chandeliers
There are a variety of pendants currently produced. And if you want to leave your modern space, the tip is to use them composing with the decor and with the colors.

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The interesting thing is to observe how the chandeliers and pendants became protagonists of the decoration, in both commercial and residential environments. They, in addition to illuminating, reveal the style of the place, bring warmth, decorate the space.

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