22 novembro 2016

Blackout Curtain Ideas

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Today we will talk about a theme of utility for the bedroom, living room and other environments. The curtains are the complement in the decoration, so they must be chosen with great care and attention. The curtains are not only decorative, they serve to maintain the privacy, at the time of the work, change of clothes, infants of the children, baths and naps. Therefore, it is ideal to always choose curtains with blackout.

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If your intention is to block the sun and the neighbors' looks into your home, choose heavier fabric curtains such as cotton, twill, pure line and rustic silk, and even blackout together. It is very bad to be awake in the morning with the sun coming in the window, lighting directly on your face, it is not one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world!

In addition, direct sunlight on furniture and electronic gadgets can be quite harmful, and can spoil your television, the wood of the table and objects that you love.

To prevent the morning and afternoon sun intruding on your home, ensuring those precious sleep time or protecting your electronic gadgets, I have separated some tips for you to choose your blackout curtain.

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Blackout Curtain Practical Guide

Where to use?
Environments where you really do not want any light. The most common uses are in rooms, to ensure the dark in the morning, and in rooms where watching TV is the most important activity.

Available Options:
The blackout is a type of coating that blocks the passage of light, there are models in common curtain shapes, or that are curled at the top of the window and do not appear when they are 'stored', in either case use the blackout in a size one Little bigger than the window, not to pass light by any corner!

Leave the room dark and block the sun. That is, if you want to sleep late at the weekend there is no risk of being awake early. But, there is the risk otherwise, too, sleeping over the account on weekdays. Also, see that action movie that in the living room, will be much more like the experience of being in the movies.

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What she can not do is miss the blackout curtain in her house, she is important, beautiful and makes all the difference.

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