29 novembro 2016

Beach Fashion

On hot days we need to be prepared to debut on the sands the trends of the moment and with great boldness. Lose the fear of choosing a beautiful bikini or swimsuit. Use the swimwear will. Stay beautiful on the beach, pool, club ... wearing totally modern and gorgeous swimwear.

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You can and should wear bikinis. A strong trend that will be present in summer 2017, which should be explored by the physical type with many curves is the top cropped (halter top), can match the piece hot pants. At the top is interesting to highlight the breasts so choose a model with wide lugs that will give support. Take advantage of the glamorous moment of one-pieces & tankini, which now also functions as a body and comes out of the sands for the elaborate looks.

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I recommend the Stylewe online store to buy swimwear. Access the direct link here: https://www.stylewe.com/category/swimwear-245. There are exclusive and beautiful pieces!

The beach fashion is to be used, but, it is always good to follow some tips to make real beautiful and ensure a good look.

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Also enjoy the promotion and discounts of the Stylewe store for Black Friday, at this link: https://www.stylewe.com/deals/black-friday-and-cyber-monday/dresses.html. Have beautiful dresses, enjoy!

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Do not be ashamed to be what you are, to show your body. The above tips are suggestions for harmonizing your physical type. The important thing of this article is your well being and your happiness with a particular piece, be happy!

 I hope you enjoyed.

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